techiemotion March 26, 2019

Xiaomi’s co-founder teased its new fast charging technology with 100W super charger. We have seen the One plus’s Dash charge or Oppo’s Super VOOC charging but this is on another level. It can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes, now thats insane!! You read it right in 17 minutes. The most fast charging technique available right now in the market is the Oppo Super VOOC charging with 50W with 10V/5A.

Along with processor, RAM, Storage and battery, charging technique is the key point in today’s market. If company provide a bigger battery with no fast charging technique, is absolute meaningless nowadays. Xiaomi always making surprise with its technology in budget Smartphone market. General Maneger of Redmi, William Lu confirmed that, Redmi will first to launch the charging technique in future.

Redmi will launch a flagship smartphone with Snapdragon 855, maybe they featured this charging technique in this smartphone. We have to wait for upcoming updates from Xiaomi regarding this. The Smartphone market is very large in the world, that everyday we see a new technology for Smartphones. It maybe for Camera, Display, battery etc. All company’s are working in the budget Smartphone field. Two-three years ago we had one or two option to buy a budget Smartphone, but now we have more option, even the customer get confused about what to buy.

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